I Create User-friendly Mobile Applications and Web Experiences ❤️


How I Work with My Clients


Hi there, I’m Madhuranjan Thakur

I've been a freelancer for 6 years now and have a large client base for which I make amazing products and solutions.

I am passionate about creating and designing delightful experiences through a mix of business, marketing and UX / UI design to keep customers and users happy with
their products and services online.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many days does it take to develop a project?

Typically the requirements and design phase takes 2-4 weeks. The duration depends a lot on the availability of you and your team, the reaction to reviews and design questions, and how long it takes to make important decisions.

What is the budget for the project?

After always consulting the budget of your project, how many features you need as per your requirements, how much the website software or app will be, how dynamic it will be, how much it will be static, all this depends on the analysis.

We charge very nominal fees to all our clients which is very fair.
Please book a consultation with us to know everything.

Can design edits be made during design time?

Yes, we provide multiple edits during the project and 2 attempts of edit after the product is ready, due to which all our clients are very happy with our services..